Why doesn’t my site appear in Google?

For the past 15-years, we’ve helped businesses like yours grow online by making their website appear at the top of Google’s search results.

How it works

Your journey to better online marketing begins with a phone call or a cup of coffee. After having a clear understanding of your business objectives, we will offer you a custom-tailored solution to meet your specific marketing goals.

What makes us special?

Below are three key points that make Marketing Dyno stand tall above the rest.

1 Exclusivity. We pride ourselves on the brands we’ve helped grow online. We greatly value and reward our customers by working exclusively with one client per market niche.

2 Experience. Our proven ability to create, optimize and distribute high-quality content that’s easily found at the top of Google is not by chance, but by a ridiculous amount of hard work. We avoid becoming stale by attending the best marketing conferences around the globe, have access to an arsenal of online marketing software and the privilege of working with phenomenally talented people.

3 Technique. We employ a user-experience methodology to search engine optimization, where the focus is on building the most technicaly optimized web pages, filled with value through well designed, relevant and high-quality content. Users first, search engine “crawlers” last is one of our guiding principles.

Our process explained

Simply put, we specialize in making it easy for customers to find your business on their mobile devices and computers. Here’s how we do it.


We start by using social media monitoring software to track the most trending content that matches your customers’ interests. We combine this data set with what’s being searched most on Google by your target audience.


After discovering what sparks your customers’ interest, we then create, publish and place valuable content in front of prospective clients. Every piece of content created is profitable, technically optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) and focuses on search intent.

Rinse & Repeat

Finally, your Return on Advertising Spend is evaluated at multiple levels using Google Analytics. We continually measure, evaluate and report on KPIs to ensure that you achieve your business objectives.

What about Bob?

Bob García is at the helm of our marketing vessel. For the past 15-years, García has gathered a wealth of knowledge in Google’s Marketing and Analytics platforms and has helped steer clients through complex course-changing maneuvers to remain current in today’s ever-changing, fast-paced scene of online marketing. His outside interests include open water swimming, artisan coffee blends and traveling. He is currently pursuing a degree online in Business Administration at Penn State University.

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