Brand Elevation

We can elevate your business to new heights by making it easy for customers to find your website at the top of search engines.

The Problem

Online marketing challenges

Bad UI & UX

“I need to improve the quality and usability of my website.”

Lack of SEO

“I need to make it easy for customers to find my business on Google.”

Brand Voice

“I need to develop my brand’s social voice and tone.”

Key Influencers

“I need to build long-term industry influencer relationships.”

Low Conversion Rate

“I need to convert more of my website visitors into customers.”

The Right Fit

“I simply do not understand what social networks would best fit my company.”

Cart Abandonment

“My site has a huge drop-off of customers in the checkout funnel.”

High Bounce Rate

“Half of web visitors leave my site straight after entering.”

The Solution

We offer solutions to your marketing challenges


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here’s what you’ll get

Findability at Google

85-90% of people “Google it” prior to making a purchase. With SEO, we make it easy for prospective customers to find your website in Google search results.

Brand Trust

People intuitively sense that a #1 ranking indicates top class. Being seen by customers at the top of search engine results will strengthen your brand and develop consumer trust in your brand promise.

More Revenue

SEO attracts prospective clients far more likely to convert to sales, often in a late-stage buying mode and actively engaged in gathering information such as price and user ratings.


Social Media Marketing

Here’s what you’ll get

Brand Loyalty

Through Social Media platforms we can develop brand loyalty by speaking directly to consumers, listen to what they’re saying about your brand and engage in branded conversations online.

Conversion Opportunities

The sheer number of business opportunities on social media is significant. Every post, image, video, or comment on social networks is an opportunity for new, recent and old customers to interact with your brand and increase the likelihood of an eventual conversion.

Better Support

Interaction with a wide network of customers in real time, responding to their suggestions, questions and complaints.


Pay per Click (PPC)

Here’s what you’ll get

Ad Targeting

Reach potential customers at Google and across a huge collection of websites related to your business; with a specific ad, in a specific country, region or city, at a specific time of day, and with device-specific preferences (like mobile).

Immediate Visibility

The initial PPC campaign setup can take 2-3 weeks. However, results are almost instantaneous. Typically, within hours of starting your campaign, you can expect a customer clicking your advert.

Measurable Results

Every element of your campaign can be measured, evaluated and optimized, in real-time — right down to adjusting ad copy, rotation and measuring your return on investment (ROI).


Web Design

Here’s what you’ll get


We design & develop great-looking, professional websites that go above and beyond current industry and customer standards at affordable prices.

Great Usability

The use of mobile devices to surf the web is growing at an astronomical pace. We design-to-code fully responsive websites that use the latest HTML5 web standards and adapt to any mobile screen size; from PSD to HTML5, Word Press or Bootstrap.

Speedy Turnaround

We are not lax about deadlines and take meeting a deadline very seriously.

We Stand Above The Rest

Six differentiating factors


We value and reward our customers by working exclusively with one client per niche market. During the period of time in which you retain our services, we work specifically for you.

Certified by Google

We employ individuals certified by Google in advanced aspects of AdWords & Analytics. The Google AdWords certification and Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in advanced aspects of Analytics and AdWords, such as AdWords Fundamentals, Google Search Advertising, Google Display Advertising and Google Mobile Advertising.


As an outsourced service provider, we fully understand the importance of effective communication with our clients. Over the years we have worked with clients that have different communication styles and preferences, including clients that prefer hourly updates, and others who prefer to evaluate progress with a monthly KPI report.


We actively attend a variety of digital marketing oriented conferences around the world to stay current on advancements in the areas of search engine marketing, content marketing strategy and social media advertising.


Our tool box is composed of an arsenal of digital marketing technology. We invest a small fortune every month on enterprise level SEO, Social Media Marketing and Project Management software to ensure that our people have the best technology at their fingertips. We take great pride in showing you what’s in our tool box: Moz Pro, Searchmetrics Suite, SocialMoov, Brandwatch, Kissmetrics, and Asana Premium.


Since 2006, we have worked as an agency subcontractor, SEO consultant, built in-house SEO teams from scratch, traveled the globe attending great digital marketing conferences, created a Rolodex of exceptionally talented people and helped customers to drive new revenue using SEO and Social Media advertising.

About Markeing Dyno

Get to know us a bit better

We are proud to be a Certified Google Partner, listed on Google Partner Search.

Being Google Certified is a testament to our expertise and abilities as a trusted and reliable digital marketing agency that excels with Google products.

To become a Google Partner, agencies must have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results for their clients, pass advanced AdWords certification exams and meet a minimum $10,000 spend requirement across their managed accounts every 90 days.


In short, we believe that the most effective way of growing your business online in 2016 is by creating the best possible experience for your audience with high quality content that adds value to potential clients, gets seen, shared and liked on social media, and can be found easily at the top of search engines.

The real fuel and energy behind Marketing Dyno comes from its people.

We are a smart, resourceful group of multicultural and multilingual individuals, living in different parts of the world, including: United States, Costa Rica, Colombia, England, Wales, Cyprus, Philippines and Ukraine.

Costa Rica’s warm weather and lush landscape of tropical green is home to Marketing Dyno. Our office overlooks the narrow fairways and tall trees of the Cariari Country Club golf course. During the morning commute to work, spectacular views of Barva Volcano & Poas Volcano can be seen.


What’s a dyno?

The story behind our identity

The term ‘dyno’ is used by rock climbers to describe an upward leap across a rock face to reach a distant hold. The ultimate goal for many climbers, is to reach the summit. This captures the essence of what we do at Marketing Dyno: we elevate the customer experience to new heights by producing high-quality content that’s engaging, consumable and easily found at the summit of search engine results.

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